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InformaData Datacards

About Us

informaDATA is the in-house list manager for Informa plc. Formed through the merger of IBC, LLP, Taylor & Francis, PJB Publications and IIR, Informa has become one of the world's leading global business information providers—through conferences, publications and new media.

informaDATA brings you total access to the buyers of this information. The delegate and subscriber files created from the 3,500 events and 1,500 publications Informa produce each year are all available. The amount of contacts and selections is often unmatched elsewhere. Strategically covering six key market segments: Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Maritime, Law, Finance & Insurance and Commodities worldwide all available in one place.

But size isn't always important. We realize that you also need selectivity to make your campaigns successful. Unlike plenty of other response lists, you can take advantage of the many selection tools we offer, to help you define your target market. The data is being constantly mailed by the Informa Group's marketing teams making it of the utmost quality. And of course any lists can be merged and deduped so that you aren't paying for the same name twice.

We know you expect fast accurate counts, quick turn around times, competitive pricing. We do everything possible to accommodate your needs but ultimately we are market driven so if there's something you require we will do anything in our power to meet your request. However if we feel we are not the best providers of the list you need we will tell you.