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About Informa

Informa plc is a leading international provider of specialist information and services for the academic, professional and business communities.

Our products are founded on high value content. We generate our content in a wide variety of subject areas, ranging from the arts and humanities through social sciences to physical/life science and technology; from the professional domains of finance and the law through to commercial fields such as telecommunications, maritime trade and energy, commodities, agriculture and food.

Informa's products provide 'must have' information to niche market areas around the world. Many of these products have become brand leaders—Lloyd's List, IBC's Drug Discovery Technology Conference and BioTechniques Journal just to name a few. But like all the conferences, management reports and newsletters produced by Informa, the hallmark is the provision of essential market specific information.

We aim to publish original material, of importance to our specialized audiences, which carefully and fairly analyses and accurately reports. But we try to do something else too: whether delivered verbally from our conference platforms, as part of a performance improvement initiative, or in written form in our electronic or printed products, we aim to make our content not only informative but thought-provoking, challenging and—where we can—even entertaining too!

Our structure and approach is customer focused, our systems are robust, and our culture is supportive, challenging, entrepreneurial and rewarding. Consequently we believe our shareholders will see a significant, sustainable and profitable return on their investment, achieved both through organic growth and strategic acquisition.

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